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1/1/06 12:54 am - diztortion - New community.

There wasn't a 10 Years community on LiveJournal, so my friend and I took it upon ourselves to create one:

10_years -- The first 10 Years community on LiveJournal!


11/16/05 11:39 pm - diztortion - Quick question.

This is what I've had a hard time deciding and why I haven't started listing the band communites yet...

Poll question...Collapse )


10/27/05 11:48 am - ex_sensorium502

Check out my hardly ever maintained communities:

desire_to_fire Machine Head, drop_rochester Rochester CD Drop , metal_is_metal Non-Elitist Metal, rochester_rock Rochester Rock.

10/23/05 01:26 pm - immorak - My Band Communities!

All of immorak's LiveJournal band/music communities:
_buckettruck_, _kmfdm_, blackeneddreams, boxband, himcommunity, loud, skilletfans, snowjam.

10/18/05 05:37 pm - immorak - Welcome.

Welcome to The Band Community.
Feel free to post about your band and/or another bands community.
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